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Asian Doll - Boujetto Remix MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

[verse 1: asian doll]
jamaican boy, when you gon' tell me the gyals my p-ssy is the best
hood, pretty b-tch, still boujee throwing sets
playing with his b-lls, i apply for the nets
ex n-gg-s miss this, real n-gg-s h-t this
good cookie in his face, make him pay attention
and k!lling every beat just to say you on a mission
b-tch you out of line, put her -ss in detention
rich n-gg-s sport, so i show my b–bs
when it come to me that b-tch gon' lose
when it come to them that n-gg- gon' choose
american gyal, lv my shoes
no, you're not f-cking with me
you f-ck for a fee, b-tch when i see you don't speak
no, you're not f-cking with me
you f-ck for a fee, b-tch when i see you don't speak
boujee lil' b-tch, want d-ck, no cl-t
money on the line, you're sh-t block list
i don't shoot slugs, you aim, you miss
smoking on dope, propane, cat p-ss
i got the bag, i got ‘em mad, i got some hittas they hunting your -ss
i blew a bag, spending this cash, asian the doll, pretty face with some -ss

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