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Don Toliver - 2 Am MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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[don toliver]
… (call tonight, yeah)
it's two in the morning, you been calling all day
i just need some time to go ball in public
you come to the party, i lay the 'rari
i got a freak, she look like shawty
but don't be confused, i got hoes catchin' the blues
and catchin' the news, i be up watchin' your moves
and catchin' your news should be a catch in my, ooh
flexin' it too, i be, uh, actin' a fool
made a lil' somethin' out of nothin'
ride around the hood, this sh~t be bumpin'
i think i'm shootin', shawty, but i'm dunkin'
we made a lil somethin' out of nothin', somethin' out of nothin'
if you want it, then you got it, stop callin' my name (call tonight)
wherever you bring me, girl, i like it, it's part of the game (call tonight, yeah)
it's two in the morning, you been calling all day
i just need some time

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