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Jarryd James - Overdue MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

[verse 1: jarryd james]
don't wanna see the sunrise
give me all the grey skies
alone in the nighttime
don't wanna your daylight
i wonder if my rain's right
i wonder what i treat it like
if i were home every single night
just don't forget me

[chorus: jarryd james]
california bleeds, oh~oh
california bleeds me dry
california dreams, oh
california dreams will die

[verse 2: jarryd james]
maybe if i lay low
if i dream, if i stay beneath the radar
they won't even know if i've been laid off
but the older misery get paid off
weed in the current though
strangers knocking at my door
tеll me what i'm made for
what i'm—
what i'm made for
[chorus: jarryd james]
california bleeds, oh~oh
california bleeds mе dry
california dreams, oh
california dreams will die

[bridge: jarryd james]
and tell me what it's for
tell me what the play is
i'm doing all my time
i'm wondering overtime for it
and tell me what the play is
to get me on the playlist
i'm wondering overtime

[chorus: jarryd james]
california bleeds (oh), oh~oh (oh~woah)
california bleeds me dry (oh~oh~oh, oh~oh~oh)
california dreams, oh
california dreams will die, oh (ooh)

[verse 3: trapo]
cali (california)
not home, but this cali, cali
i'm dome with this cali, cali
hold onto this cali flower
don't f~ck up this cali moment
i'm flaggin' down cabs
i'm low on my cash, but dammit, i'm comin' over
i'm down to walk clouded beaches
i'm ‘round 'til you're missin' no one
how to make a dollar, take a cali ‘fore you step
how ‘bout you provide with me the secret, how to grow and get the muscle
my surroundings, when the doubtin' me at home
you can make a future with your name on your t~shirt
until eyes gon' fall, i got bored at home
i know a place not far where they dream so big
was a bitter~ass kid when they don't take off
i guarantee you'll lose the words you spoke
told you not idols, i worship ghosts
and they all want me to come join they section, yeah
i treat all my blessings like weapons, been holdin' them closer than ever
as soon as i'm testin' this throne, won't survive 'til we both on the stretcher
‘cause i see the militant man in you
or is it me settle land when builder due?
i'm battlin' on the fence again, i get defensive when it's only anything but you
them lies will grow so enormous
i feel like i can't ignore ‘em
gettin' real hard to trust somebody
no longer want no one over
i'm tryna go somewhere quiet
i'm tryna raise the score
i used to raise my fists and now my name ignored
i left a trail of leaves just like a trail of thoughts
like the game you win
i saw it comin', this can't be all for me
how you gon' fly when they taped your wings?
and you take your jigs from those in need
when the doors don't rise like the b~tterflies
on the foreign cars, they gon' watch you smile like sh~t's all good
it ain't so bad so erase your past will mean everything
but see everything comes back in a while
and i pack my bag
that's me tuggin' the luggage
the vices the prices i do love for
i don't do beaches no more
nah, i wake up to go to sleep
f~ck if they notice me
i don't like dreamin' no more
don't do the woe is me
i do the get it together and f~ck up the f~ck up
i aim at the weather, might check up the weather report

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