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Kehlani - Lonely In December MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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[produced by jahaan sweet]

[verse 1]
all this love is in the air
and it doesn't feel so fair
that i'm way over here
you're so far over there
na, na, na, na
haven't been home in so long, so long so long
you're love is still this strong baby
hope that we still have a bond
hope that you've been holding on, holding on baby

cause n0body, wants to be alone in december baby
and don't ya know
nights feel colder in the winter baby
so can i come spend it with you?
can i spend this christmas with you?
wanna spend it all on you
wanna spend december with you
cause n0body, wants to feel alone in december baby

[verse 2]
so does a house feel like a home, like a home, even when i'm gone?
does you're heart keep you up at night?
do you have to dry your eyes?
cause i would book a flight if i could
walk there you know i would
from fall on to summer baby
sit by the fire with you
laugh till my face turns blue
you know what i'm saying is true


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