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Mykki Blanco - Coke White Starlight MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

i'm a big broad like serena
effeminate, offending them
sipping green tea in my
pendleton at wimbledon
it's hunting season bro
you n-gg-s is my venison
why y'all acting like you f-cking friends with them?
i'm ending them

c-ke white, starlight
hey la blanca donna
mimosas in my sauna
then i roll to benihana
smoking marijuana
with my trade from nicaragua
my older sister swear she used to f-ck with capadonna
oh nah, my bad, it was method
never smile for these n-gg-s
been too wild for these n-gg-s, bro
yo, i keep my thoughts protected
keep your dots connected
keep your circle selective, girl

you not a shotta
you fake thugs is p-ssy
momma calls it like i see it, johnny
that don't amuse me
and all you little fishes trying to get official
i make you swim out with those fishes
make them match ya dentals

you not trap
you a fake rapper in expensive denim
you daytime my negro
you all my children
little boosie, nah, you more like susan lucci, brah
they clowns, fam, “no me leo con la sucia”

i'm good at getting n-gg-s
switch hit and flip the n-gg-
call his baby mom's
so she can listen to my lick the n-gg-

i'm vengeful, i'm unsteady
i'm mad petty
popping slores, you popping corks
mad confetti

[instrumental break]

“the opium room, they called it;
little green, jade, smokey place
cut like a sliver into the highway;
dank spot, really
and with a music box filled up with just about everything.”

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