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Mykki Blanco - Feeling Special MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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[verse 1]
what's up papa donna, it's top mama it's blanco
it's hot and bothered no drama
straight to your dome no trauma
i'm hip hop's osama dog, choking sh-t out
don't matter your clout, or what you're about
we dead snake snitches
you donnie brasco's i see you, believe me
infiltrating on the diamond
you bluffing b-tch, i make it mine
shake and bake these chickens, clipping wings on pigeons
you my disciple now and this that new religion
follow blanco for the thrill of your life
you see that white light? i know it's blinding, right?

follow, follow, follow
follow me down that rabbit hole
sh-t so deep i'm feeling special
i'm like sh-t so deep i'm feeling special

[verse 2]
yo who got the summer's eve i'm 'bout to douche these b-tches
make you a punchline in my joke
lenny bruce you n-gga
p–p scooped up on your stoop
with the poodle curl
these rap n-ggas bowing down like little girls
why the chicken cross the road, you mean that chicken had hope?
keep that biddie ‘cross the street before her face on my feet
last night's beef, i ate him (?) will rock you
you f-ck with one of them your -ss is getting dipped and clocked, boo
stop watching you, houdini's in the cut
i got the city pounds on red alerts
ready to gas you mutts
i feel caught, i'm here alone but i can't let it get the best of me
n0body schools you on how to do you what you do ain't got no legacy
i pray to thee, god mother keep my words sincere
kingpin on these men, show these girls no fear
let me dominate on every hating motherf-cker watching
let me dominate on every basic b-tch that try to stop me



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