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One Direction - Midnight Memories MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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we're lining up in supermarkets for cancer
practically begging to die a long, unnatural death.
would you like some food with your chemicals?
it's being processed with a lot of question marks and uncertainty.

buying organic is becoming a fraud to maximize profits.
it's the same old sh-t just with a fancy sticker.
corporations set the standards and capitalize.
they don't need animal testing–we're the guinea pigs.
they're shoving sh-t down our throats that dogs won't eat,
then feigning shock that disease is on the rise.

the fda should step in, but they're in bed
with the very corporations they're supposed to regulate.
conflict of interest? no.
they're not interested in us because money is money
and we're all gonna die anyway.

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