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Raye - Just Like That MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

we are [?]
sharing space, embracing time and
dancing as the stars are crying
combination of grime and violence

b-ss, yeah they run along the b-ss
you see these girls got time to waste
that's why they constrict their bodies
and mask upon their face
you're here and you're with me
don't know you, you approached me
and this night's mad

and it kicked off just like that
i'm touching an unfamiliar hands (just like that)
and now the music understands (just like that)
i'm dancing through a black hole (just like that)
and now i'm losing all control
just like that (that) (x4)
just like that (that) (x3)

i'm aware of what my body's doing
mind is still my body's mvoing
eyes are closed, the lights are fusing
got me confusing
lost, i'm lost in the lights
it's half past night, but the sun's so bright
i can't see the sky because the party's inside
but you're here and you're with me
don't know you, you approached me
and this night's mad


the stars, they what ya what ya need
i promise you'll miss me when i leave


and i say goodbye, baby, just like that

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