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Rico Nasty - Big Dick Energy Freestyle MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

yeah, rico! rico! oh my god

[verse 1]
whenever i don't get my way, b-tch i get real beligerent
have a pot to p-ss in, now i'm p-ssin on 'em, and it sick
i need a doctor visit, tell me doctor am i really sick?
he said i'm showin' characteristics of being a sn0bby b-tch
yeah i'm a poppin' b-tch and i know it ain't hard for you to see
i used to watch tv, now i'm the b-tch you seein' on tv
i pray to god that my thousands can turn into some millions, then to some billions
that's just my everyday feelin', they keep on askin' how i'm feelin'
how would you feel, when everybody else is hungry and you servin' the meals
i'm grippin' the wheel
i'm prayin' that i don't get a ticket, even if you movin' fast, b-tch-ss just come and you miss it
i'm plottin' and riskin', ‘cus everyday i promise to visit
how you expect to learn anything when you talk more than listen
no bum would've bitten, they keep on sendin' shots but they missin'
i invite b-tches to my hotel room and i got 'em kissin'
gettin' money be objective, be all of my daily missions
everybody got a problem wit' me, but i just don't get it
i can't even go no way no more, ‘cus they want a picture
if money made outta lemonade, then i need me a pitcher
smokin' on some gold papers, but it shine when you hit it
you can't get me out my character, ‘cus i'm 'bout my business
i'm with a white b-tch, she sell more sh-t than bobby and whitney
they don't like to hear the moves i make, cause they're stuck in a pivot
yeah they took the sauce, and i want it back, does that make me stingy?
they call me weird cus i don't look like none these other b-tches
they can't stand to see me win, they cringe when they see my picture
i already know i'm realer, and you don't even know the difference
all my sh-t original, and i don't ever need a witness
i'm talkin money!
you say what you say ‘cus you can't comprehend it
listenin' to aretha franklin thumbin' through some benjamins
i mixed the molly with the percocets, sound like an even plan
b-tches wanna swag surf, ‘cus they see i set the trends
“rico, what that bag worth?,” b-tch you better not ask again
gettin' on my d-mn nerves, i might swerve in the benz
b-tches act like birds, in the coupe, i be in
better sn-tch yo girl, when the troops walkin' in
so much smoke in the air, you think snoop up in here
i got purple and i got that sh-t with fuzzy orange hairs
for every b-tch i seein', imma put one in the air

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