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Rico Nasty - Cuntkilla MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

uh yeah

[verse 1]
slaying hoes in vogue you know how it go
juug a b-tch and beat clip, he already know
these b-tches sweet, trick or treat
leaving bodies in the street
b-tches lame, i don't know who they wanna be
you wanna ride up in my lane, sorry you a lame
you wanna smoke up all my weed, b-tch you gon' have to pay
may i just add a little something
if my p-ssy ain't wet why your boyfriend keep calling
maybe i stole him
maybe it's golden
why you so open?
he say it's golden
get off my cl-t, all my bitties it lit
he said my t-tties the sh-t
i said you know who i is

[verse 2]
k!lling this sh-t, flow sick
girl some (?) on that b-tch
i'm in the view smoking (?) with your b-tch
i got the heart, you give dome to my men
how the h-ll are we supposed to be friends? b-tch
i don't f-ck with the help, get woke or get left
ak or the tec, you act right or get wet
why would i work up a sweat when broke b-tches do that?
i don't care who you are cause you'll never sit where i'm at
you'll never see what i see
cause all i see is the green
you'll never smoke what i smoke
because my tree man is me
now i can rap about myself and all the wild sh-t that i've seen
all the men that i've lost and all the snakes that i meet
but please let me keep this sh-t cordial
i don't support you
you mad at me? that's some sh-t that you can't afford to do
b-tch i'm onto you, your n-gg- onto me
get your dude b-tch, like

b-tch i'm hotter than the sun
you might see rico with the really big gun
your friends salty
a n-gg- want me but i'm counting this money
f-ck with me, f-ck with me
b-tch i'm hotter than the sun
b-tch i'm hotter than the sun
you might see rico with the really big gun
your friends salty
a n-gg- want me but i'm counting this money
f-ck with me, f-ck with me

[verse 3]
where's the compet-tion?
what's the lituation?
you n-gg-s toss my sh-t
boy you on that sneaky g-y sh-t
i'm on that paid sh-t
don't f-ck unless he pay b-tch
you can ask my enemies
i don't play friends with these
b-tches at my neck for my sh-t
and no i don't ever-ever got time for no regular b-tch
wearing her regular sh-t and her regular life
with her (?) me baby girl, you ain't my type
my (?) too expressive to be fighting you hoes
and my guns so big they got they own area codes
and my n-gg- so cool he brings me everywhere he goes
and everybody knows pockets on swole, heart on cold
weed on lit
her t-tties sitting perfect, backwoods on hit
bars on oh sh-t, just quit you'll never be me, queen
rico, bow down to queen me, queen ri
you might as well just k!ll me
i slay sh-t, you a roach to ray b-tch
i speak and get paid, you broke it's okay
jk it's not
i'm at the top, you not, that's the difference b-tch

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