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Rico Nasty - Intro Mary Jane MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

haha, hold up, this shit is recording? f-ck
aye shut the f-ck up
shut the f-ck up, haha, f-ck

is your n-gg-s tryna mack me
b-tches wanna ride
i don't speak no french but we can be [?]
my life is a movie with thoughts on my side
and i got h-lla n-gg-s cause i'm h-lla fly
my mama be tripping, she say that i bang
but i got h-lla gr-ss, look out for the snakes
they plotting on me, they smile in my face
but n-gg-s be trying, can't keep up the pace
i roll with the blunt, my eyes feel the haze
you b-tches spark me, you feeling the shame?
i'm loving a b-tch
she go by the name of mary jane

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