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Rico Nasty - Rage MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

don't compare me to these b-tches because we are not the same
try to steal my sauce but you can't
kenny, oh my f-cking, rico

[verse 1]
g-g-goodness gracious, i might give a f-ck on a rare occasion
i would steal my sauce too, ‘cause it's outrageous
do whatchu gonna do, you don't gotta explain it (shut the f-ck up!)
i just booted up so i'm concentrated
how much money can i make on vacation?
walk up in the party, i know they eyebrows raisin'
two bands on my shoes, they ain't even got laces

i-i-i like bad b-tches who be ragin'
rage, ragin', ragin', rage
bad b-tches who be ragin'
rage, ragin', ragin', rage

[verse 2]
eeny meeny miny mo, catch a rat by her tail
don't ask what i'm smokin' on 'cause that sh-t ain't for sale
i can't trip off a basic b-tch, 'cause i might break ya nail
you a f-ckin' donkey, i'ma let this choppa pin yo tail
i'm stuck in traffic, music blastin'
they wanna know how it happened
salute me like i'm they captain
you b-tches is not a challenge
i'm causing sh-t for a reaction, want action, i'm snappin'
stop with the racket, balenciaga my fashion
my b-tches ragin' and blackin' out
keep my name out your f-cking mouth
before you find out what we about
type of sh-t that you read about
if you talk it then be about it
call 9-1-1, this b-tch bleedin' out
but we still got the speakers loud
give a f-ck if you reachin' out

i like bad b-tches who be ragin'
rage, ragin', ragin', rage
bad b-tches who be ragin'
rage, ragin', ragin', rage

what the f-cking, f-cking, f-cking
rage, (go) rage, (go, go) rage
rage, (go) rage, (go, go) rage (go, go)
rage, rage, rage, rage

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