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Rico Nasty - Throwed MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

[verse 1: rico nasty]
b-tch stay in your lane
irritate me then you know i'm gon' spray
like a b-tch with a lisp
my pistol got that grip
my n-gg-s off the sh-ts
ride around like the (?) but it's all on tape
if you got common sense you wouldn't f-ck with me
got some shooters who i know'll go down for me
if she make a sound you know she in the ground baby
so maybe you'll come correct next time
cause i'm a real -ss b-tch
with a real -ss clique
and some real -ss bullets
that'll split your sh-t wide open
wrist so frozen
money so grown and you know i'm still smoking, still blazing
it's so d-mn amazing
as well i'm the (?) you consistently wasted
this sh-t is vacation to me
i do not f-ck with police
if she sucking or f-cking you know that she do it for free
i don't spark sh-t unless you match me n-gg-
hip society n-gg-
money ten till i die n-gg-

[hook: rico nasty]
yeah all my n-gg-s screwed
all my n-gg-s screwed, all my n-gg-s screwed
know all my n-gg-s blowing dope
know all my n-gg-s getting throwed

[verse 2: willz]
make your b-tch f-ck off a gram
i get my weed from j-pan
high off a bean of codeine, i can't stand
the plug at the pump just served me some gas
my tank be on f, i smoke and don't stress
she wanna have s-x and she think my squad is a mess
so restless i don't get no rest
leave your ho open wet
she (?) with my pet
she get fed and protected
weed get me high, i sell lean wanna kick it like tekken
invested the money in drugs
you see the rub
i still give no f-cks bout my health yeah
she beat my d-ck like a drum
she beat my d-ck till i c-m
(?) the squad
we be on money (?)
and we still give no f-cks all the sh-t we did drum

[hook: rico nasty]
n-gg- all my n-gg-s screwed
all my n-gg-s screwed, all my n-gg-s screwed
you know all my n-gg-s blowing dope
know all my n-gg-s getting throwed

[bridge: willz]
you know all my n-gg-s throwed, all my n-gg-s throwed
all my n-gg-s blowing dope, bet you know
bet you know that we throwed
yeah we still stoned, all my n-gg-s stoned
my n-gg-s blowing dope

[verse 3: rico nasty + willz]
came in this sh-t and i'm leaving no witnesses
if a b-tch hating you know that she listening
she high off that water so she just might tip a bit
backwoods or swishas your ho got a whiff of this
who are these b-tches to me? consistently bringing they (?)
n-gg-s probably mad and these b-tches can't stand me
got me up in her panties, she high off them addies
i be flowing like i'm sick, cough-cough on a b-tch
bars so ridiculous, yeah i know i'm the sh-t
if i cop one more zip, got me lifted and sh-t
hoes be showing me love, i can show 'em my d-ck
ain't no love for a sl-t, i just f-ck 'em and dip
if she handle my b-lls she play for the knicks
touching on my body now he swear that i was heaven sent
and ho you are irrelevant, you know my team get h-lla bent
pack you know i'm selling that, no wife and i ain't settling
i'm higher than a pelican cause codeine be my medicine

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