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Sid - No Brakes Intro MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

verse 1 :

all grind can't take breaks
i know the way a n~gga move is something they must hate
don't need you in my life i never told you you must stay
i keep it real & i know it's some people i frustrate

but i don't give a f~ck & never will still
yellow bone looking like she k!ll bill
got me falling for her like we clipped heels

but i be so focused on my career
that i can't even give her time just end up wasting it instead

it ain't fair but

it is what it is im staying level headed
thе bullsh~t dead it
number 1 it ain't no seconds

causе we all eating
why they keep trying to compete?
i'm outlapping anyone on a song track meet

they think they know me but they don't
you the player im the coach
i'm clutch like kobe for my team
they put you in & then you choke
i'm the sh~t clogged toilet i don't really like to boast
i'm trying to get this bread these n~ggas be burnt
call em toast

i'm trying to get these dividends
n0body makes it from the ends
alot up on my plate but if you maintain say amen

i'm too different we are not the same boy we ain't fraternal
boy you corny f~ck around & get popped call you a kernel

finna shake the room on all of you goofies who want the smoke?
rewind that if you ain't get it no repeating what i said
this for my family yall won't stop me from keeping the ship afloat
they tryna hold me down just like an achor on sailboats

you see they shooting in the city like sailor do in his fl!cks
remember days when me & bro rode around in that crown vic
now im taking shots of crowne & hennessy to get me lit
i saw light inside some n~ggas then all of em hit the switch

that's the reason ion trust cuz alot of
you boys phony
and do not call me the homie you a snake you not the brodie

check the time
i need a rollie on both wrist
shorty dead to me if i ever seen her
she don't exist

this my demon flow been waiting to show what's been in the vault
offseason & the regular season we still ball
still waiting for me to fall ain't gotta say it i see it
heard yo team ain't eating all of em anorexic you need to focus on yo homies

don't know why you focused on me
balling for my city just like gin0bili in san antonio

i never miss a step im k!lling everytime that i spit it
i had to show em i could do this sh~t was getting me livid

man cut this sh~t

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