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Lirik Lagu

they tried to kick me off twitter, im actually kinda bitter, im going in hard like im throwing a no hitter, jon lester, talking bout returns no devin hester

flow critically dramatic after you done listening to this ill have ya -ss in a gucci made casket

shopping around no basket

last timing sick rhyming

you can't jock me i'm always changing my style and what i spit is ideal its actually kinda unreal

my bars lyrically outlined with steel no onyx

everybody wanna talk sh-t threw electronics speaking some gucci mane looking ebonics
but when really you f-ggots need to be hook on some f-cking phonics

snapping like a bear trap you f-gs want my swags so bad you tryna kidnap

when i come threw with the strap it's a wrap no double tap word to zombieland

treating my words like contraband you know i got my bars on demand it ain't even that hard to understand

i'm good with my words like
rick james good with his backhand

and don't even get me started on chris brown let me give you a breakdown that little f-ggot beats woman but can't even swim

this ain't even the prelim and you f-ggots is the only thing i can think about when i see you and think synonym

and i'm thinking whea the cash at throw a big stack at miley hope it make her -ss fat

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