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Todrick Hall - Tiktok MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

uh, is this thing on?
ok, here i go

covid~19 just slapped me and my plans were all ruined
i got this app just to see what everybody was doing
and i'm a quite shy guy but i was feeling so shameless
posted a vid online, now i'm internet famous

look, i'm on tiktok
check out my tiktok
all of a sudden, i think i can do some hip~hop
i've been so savage since i learned this little hip pop
i had on this top, now check out this top

follow my tik~tik~tik~tik~tik~tik (tok)
tik~tik~tik~tik~tik~tik (tok)
tik~tik~tik~tik~tik~tik (tok)
follow my tiktok

i woke up the next day and my vids were trending
i said, “mom, look i'm a star”
she said, “stop pretending”
i got famous on a wednesday
showed my mom on thursday
she was posting vids by friday
because she's so h~lla thirsty

now she's on tiktok
my mom's on tiktok
my mom's so gangster
you should see her little crip walk
she did a body roll
she said, “is this hot?”
i said, “it's so not, now could you please stop?”

check out our tik~tik~tik~tik~tik~tik (tok)
tik~tik~tik~tik~tik~tik (tok)
tik~tik~tik~tik~tik~tik (tok)
follow our tiktok

now my mom and i were famous
and our family was jealous
they said “hey, you guys got tiktok?
why didn't you tell us?”
so now the whole family is dancing
it's as bad as it gets
we're the freakin' frackin' brady bunch
even the pets

we're all on tiktok
yay, we're on tiktok
all of a sudden my whole family's doing hip~hop
we all lean, lean, lean, lean
then we rock, rock
our hips go pop, pop
but our doors stay lock, locked

check out our tik~tik~tik~tik~tik~tik (tok)
tik~tik~tik~tik~tik~tik (tok)
tik~tik~tik~tik~tik~tik (tok)
follow our tiktok

hey, how y'all doin?
um, the song's over so, like, yeah

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