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Young Devyn - Intro MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

still the baby goat i'm makin business moves
all these hunnits got my fingers lookin nipsey blue
it be the people clapping for me tryna k!ll me too
just last year i was savin up for balenci shoes

jewelry never stainless
neighbor is dangerous
system wanna murder our people then try to blame us
grew up in the jungle wit k!llas, dealers, and gangstas
and if i heard it's beef ion give d~mn if my famous

little cousin died it made me cold
my homie came to see me, lost his life and i just froze
don't even trust my heart, i hit the store and made it chrome
if a youngin want my spot then they gon have to take my soul
the voice for my all dawgs and to these kids i give em hope
so much water on my neck i'll either drown or imma choke
my past a little bl~~dy but them hittas wit me loc
ask about me in my city they gon tell you i'm the goat
and i know

i'm the hottest little shawty yeah i'm lit lit
ain't wit the subbin i could really get you hit hit
i push a b~tton dats yo head ain't no stick shift
man all these hunnits got me feeling like big crip
wasn't talkin fivi but these diamonds got a big drip
still sittin on top, i ain't playin round wit no opp
any shawty come to block gon be the day shawty get popped
i ain't never sellin my soul for no diamonds or for no watch
saw my opposition they froze so i went made it too hot

wit some girls that's from my city and they actin up
ya little homie caught a case until we packed em up
i bought the carti sincemy haters wasn't mad enough
ex he broke my heart man he was lucky i ain't clap em up

real money
this that payin the bills money
i was lit before the wave i ain't talking yo lil money
they was laughing at me then but ain't nothin is still funny theygon have to take me out just in order to steal from me

i'm the goat

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